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Last Night

Last Night
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Released: October 6, 2017
Director: BB. Joyce Bernal
Producer: BB. Joyce Bernal, Boy2 Quizon, Erickson Raymundo, Neil Arce, Nicolo Juban, Piolo Pascual
Studio: ABS-CBN Star Cinema
Cast: Piolo Pascual, Toni Gonzaga, Joey Marquez, Lou Veloso, Margie Moran, Illac Diaz, Cholo Barretto, Patrick Sugui, Cedric Juan
Genre: Drama
Length: 104 minutes

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Last Night Overview

Mark (Piolo Pascual), a man who lost everything, meets Carmina (Toni Gonzaga), a woman who lost the love of her life, one dark night. Both at the end of their threads, unexpectedly begin something -- a deal that leads to friendship, a connection that blooms into love. Does love go on? Or does it end with them? Will they choose to love even if it's the last night of their lives?


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