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Watani: My Homeland

Watani: My Homeland
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Director: Marcel Mettelsiefen
Producer: Marcel Mettelsiefen, Stephen Ellis
Studio: ITN Productions
Genre: Documentary
Length: 40 minutes

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Watani: My Homeland Overview

Free Syrian Army Commander Abu Ali lives with his wife Hala and four young children, Hammoudi, Helen, Farah and Sara, on the front-line of the civil war in Aleppo. They're the only family left living in the derelict war zone that was once a busy residential neighborhood.

When Abu is captured by ISIS, Hala makes the painful decision to leave her homeland to search for safety and a brighter future for her children. Filmed over three years, the film chronicles the family's journey from Aleppo to the small town of Goslar in Germany. Escaping the chaos and terror of their war torn homeland becomes a catalyst for a different kind of struggle; the struggle to understand your past and accept your present, to adapt to a new life and to hold on to hope.


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