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GulÓstan, Land of Roses

GulÓstan, Land of Roses
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Released: January 20, 2017
Director: ZaynÍ Akyol
Producer: Denis McCready, Fanny Drew, Nathalie Cloutier, Sarah Mannering
Studio: NFB
Genre: Documentary
Length: 86 minutes

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GulÓstan, Land of Roses Overview

Young Kurdish women leave their families to become soldiers in the guerrilla war of the PKK, the Kurdistan Workers' Party. Settled in camps in the mountains, they train daily to defend their people against Daesh (also known as ISIS), the Turkish army and Iranian soldiers. When theyíre not polishing their weapons and reciting the partyís slogans, the fighters chat among themselves and braid their hair like carefree girls. But on the field, they turn into formidable warriors ready to sacrifice their lives rather than become sex slaves for ISIS soldiers. They instill fear in their enemy, because ISIS soldiers believe that if they die at the hands of a woman, theyíll never reach paradise.


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