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LoveYatri Overview

A contemporary love story of Sushrut and Michelle (Manisha), which revolves around the festival of Navratri. Sushrut, a middle class earnest boy from Vadodara is a happy go lucky chap who runs Garba (Traditional Gujarati dance form) classes. Michelle is a young and beautiful Indian girl, who is extremely bright and focused on her career. Sushrut and Michelle meet during Navratri and their love blossoms over food, conversations, travel, and heart touching moments during the 9 days of the festival. Unfortunately due to a misunderstanding, Sushrut and Michelle's blossoming relationship hits a deadlock and she travels back to UK, away from all the warmth, colour, light, festivities and love that she found in India. Sushrut travels to the UK, to win back his love. Will Sushrut, a boy who has never travelled outside the state of Gujarat, be able to win over the girl and her family in the UK? Will Michelle understand the importance of following one's own heart? Loveyatri will not only answer the above but also promises you a musical roller coaster ride of friendship, family, love & relationships culminating with a lot of colour, lights and festivities. An experience that shall leave its viewers smiling with a warm and happy heart.


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2  Cineplex Cinemas Courtney Park Cinemas 110 Courtney Park Drive, Mississauga, (905) 362-1234
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