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Send Me to the Clouds

Send Me to the Clouds
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Genre: Drama
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Send Me to the Clouds Overview

Diagnosed with ovarian cancer, iron-willed journalist Sheng Nan is pressured to make a quick fortune and find mind-blowing sex before the costly surgery numbs her senses. Taking on a businessman's biography writing job, she hikes into the misty mountains, where a chain of outbursts with her dysfunctional family, grumpy client, misogynistic co-worker and dreamlike romantic interest hilariously unfold. As deeply moving as it is luminously witty, writer-director Teng Congcong's debut waltzes across the bitterness swallowed by her generation of women born under China's One Child Policy, unprecedentedly burdened to "surpass men" while trying not to be "leftover women"at the same time.


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