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Survivors Guide To Prison

Survivors Guide To Prison
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Released: February 23, 2018
Director: Matthew Cooke
Producer: David Arquette, Matthew Cooke, Susan Sarandon
Cast: Danny Trejo, Susan Sarandon, Danny Glover, Quincy Jones, Patricia Arquette
Genre: Documentary
Length: 102 minutes

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Survivors Guide To Prison Overview

Today, you're more likely to go to prison in the United States than anywhere else in the world. So in the unfortunate case it should happen to you - this is the Survivors Guide to Prison.

Survivorís Guide to Prison tells the story of how the U.S. got to this place. Youíll hear the rules for surviving arrest, interrogation, a criminal trial, and incarceration, should you be convicted of a crime. Youíll hear evidence presented to you about a disturbing and growing trend of a guilty until proven innocent system that has taken hold, how to advocate for your own personal liberties, and a growing call-to-action for criminal justice reform.

You will also witness the testimony of two men who tell their excruciating true stories: Bruce Lisker and Reggie Cole, both of whom served lengthy prison sentences for crimes they did not commit. Youíll live their journey with them, from being falsely accused to conviction based on the presentation of circumstantial evidence, the impact of long-term incarceration and eventual exoneration and release.


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