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The Flor Contemplacion Story

The Flor Contemplacion Story
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The Flor Contemplacion Story Overview

In 1995, a Filipino maid was executed in Singapore for killing a young co-worker. This true-life drama from the Philippines tells her story. Flor Contemplacion, like many impoverished people, thought she might have a shot at a better life if she worked abroad as a domestic and so took her four much-loved children to Singapore to take a maid's job. Unlike many other servants, Flor was well-treated by her employers. In March 1995, she was suddenly arrested and charged with killing a maid and the little boy the maid was caring for. Unfortunately, all evidence points to Flor's innocence. After her hanging, the tale behind the tragedy is revealed. The filmmakers pull no punches in their scathing examination of her patriarchal culture and of the incompetence of the Philippine justice system that failed to protect her. They also examine the effects of Flor's absence upon her family. Her husband, unable to stand the wait, begins an affair and then forces the two oldest girls to marry.


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