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The Virgin Suicides

The Virgin Suicides
Score: 10 / 10
Released: May 5, 2000
Director: Sofia Coppola
Producer: Chris Hanley, Dan Halsted, Francis Ford Coppola, Julie Costanzo
Studio: Paramount Classics
Cast: Kathleen Turner, James Woods, Kirsten Dunst, Josh Hartnett, Hanna Hall, A.J. Cook, Chelse Swain, Jonathan Tucker
Genre: Drama
Length: 96 minutes

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The Virgin Suicides Overview

Following the suicide of their youngest sister (Hall), the surviving daughters (Dunst, Cook, Hayman, Swain) of the Lisbons (Woods and Turner) descend into a deep state of mourning and a near obsession with death. Meanwhile, a group of neighborhood boys becomes obsessed with watching the girls as they go through this difficult time.


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