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Score: 6.08 / 10
Released: October 27, 2017
Director: Michael Spierig, Peter Spierig
Studio: Entertainment One
Cast: Matt Passmore, Tobin Bell, Callum Keith Rennie, Clé Bennett, Laura Vandervoort
Genre: Horror
Length: 91 minutes

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Jigsaw Overview

The bodies of people who have suffered gruesome deaths begin turning up around the city, each with a piece of flesh carved out. The evidence in the investigation points to the murders being the M.O. of John Kramer (Tobin Bell), who was also known as Jigsaw. The only problem? Jigsaw has been dead for over a decade.

The investigators ask themselves whether Jigsaw has a copycat, but after the bodies undergo a medical examination, they're shocked to find that the blood found under the fingernails of the victims belongs to Jigsaw. Could he really be back from the dead? 


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1  SilverCity Hamilton Mountain 795 Paramount Drive, Hamilton, (905) 560-0239
Tue 9:35  

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2  Cineplex Cinemas Kitchener (52.16km) 225 Fairway Road South, Kitchener,
Tue 4:05 6:35 9:15  

3  Cineplex Cinemas Winston Churchill (34.23km) 2081 Winston Park Drive, Oakville, (905) 829-2009
Tue 5:50 8:10 10:35  

4  Galaxy Cinemas Brantford (35.27km) 300 King George Road, Brantford, 519-759-7011
Tue - Thu 9:30  

5  Orion Gate Grande, Brampton (51.09km) 20 Biscayne Crescent, Brampton, (905) 455-1590
Tue - Thu 7:55 10:10  

6  Queensway Cinemas, Toronto (51.19km) 1025 The Queensway, Toronto, (416) 503-0424
Tue 1:25 4:15 6:55 9:30  

7  SilverCity Brampton (56.16km) 50 Great Lakes Drive, Brampton, (905) 789-6797
Tue 10:05  

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