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The Star

The Star
Score: 8.88 / 10
Released: November 17, 2017
Director: Timothy Reckart
Producer: Jennifer Magee-Cook
Studio: Columbia Pictures
Cast: Steven Yeun, Gina Rodriguez, Zachary Levi, Keegan-Michael Key, Kelly Clarkson, Anthony Anderson, Aidy Bryant, Ving Rhames, Gabriel Iglesias, Patricia Heaton, Kristin Chenoweth, Christopher Plummer, Tracy Morgan, Tyler Perry, Oprah Winfrey
Genre: Family
Length: 86 minutes

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The Star Overview

A little donkey named Bo (voice of Steven Yeun) is tired of his life at the village mill. He dreams of giving up his backbreaking daily routine and going on an adventure of his dreams. He finally works up the courage to leave and meets a lovable sheep named Ruth (voice of Aidy Bryant) and a dove named Dave (voice of Keegan-Michael Key).

On their journey, they meet three hilarious camels and inadvertently become heroes to a young couple named Mary (voice of Gina Rodriguez) and Joseph (voice of Zachary Levi), who are expecting their first child.


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1  Landmark Cinemas 12 Kitchener (Empire Studio 12) 135 Gateway Park Drive, Kitchener, (519) 650-0071
Wed 3:20  
Thu 2:45  

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2  Galaxy Cinemas Guelph (16.79km) 485 Woodlawn Road West, Guelph, (519) 763-9188
Wed 6:40  

3  Galaxy Cinemas Milton (47.65km) 1175 Maple Avenue, Milton, (905) 864-1666
Wed 6:55  

4  Galaxy Cinemas Waterloo (9.93km) 550 King Street North, Waterloo, (519) 883-8843
Wed 4:00  

5  Landmark Cinemas 10 Waterloo (Empire Theatres) (9.05km) 415 The Boardwalk, Waterloo, (519) 576-0000
Wed 4:15  
Thu 4:00  

6  SilverCity Burlington (50.85km) 1250 Brant Street, Burlington, (905) 319-8677
Wed 6:30  

7  SilverCity Oakville (56.11km) 3531 Wyecroft Road, Oakville, (905) 827-7173
Wed 1:00 7:20  

8  Stratford Cinemas (44.85km) 551 Huron St., Stratford, (519) 273-6780
Wed 4:15  

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