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Gabriel and the Mountain

Gabriel and the Mountain
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Released: October 6, 2017
Director: Fellipe Barbosa
Producer: Clara Linhart, Olivier Père, Rémi Burah, Roberto Berliner, Rodrigo Letier, Vincho Nchogu, Yohann Cornu
Studio: Maison 4:3
Cast: João Pedro Zappa, Caroline Abras, Alex Alembe, John Goodluck, Lenny Siampala, Rashidi Athuman
Genre: Drama
Length: 131 minutes

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Gabriel and the Mountain Overview

Before entering a prestigious American university, Gabriel Buchmann decides to travel the world for one year. After ten months on the road with his backpack full of dreams, immersed at the heart of various countries, he arrives in Kenya determined to discover the African continent. Until he reaches the top of Mount Mulanje, Malawi, his final destination.


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