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Dim the Fluorescents

Dim the Fluorescents
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Released: December 8, 2017
Director: Daniel Warth
Producer: Daniel Warth, Josh Clavir
Studio: Clumsy Ophelia Productions
Cast: Claire Armstrong, Naomi Skwarna
Genre: Comedy
Length: 128 minutes

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Dim the Fluorescents Overview

Roomates and longtime friends Lillian (Naomi Skwarna) and Audrey (Claire Armstrong) are trying to make it in theater. Lillian is an aspiring playwright while Audrey struggles to get works as an actor, but neither of them are having any luck.

The only paying gig they can find that's remotely connected to what they want to do is writing and acting out demonstrations for corporate training seminars. These  instructional skits include how to deal with sexual harassment in the workplace and what to do when confronted with an unhappy customer.

When they book the most lucrative gig of their careers at a hotel conference, it pushes them to create their most ambitious production to date, and may even help launch their respective careers.


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